CONSPIRACY Theory: Why Doesn’t Anyone Like Vienna Fingers?

While I was doing my normal grocery shopping at my local Kroger. I spotted them, they were on sale for a $1.88, one of my favorite cookies the Vienna Finger. I quickly threw them in the cart,ignoring any repercussions that eating these sugary delights might have on my waist line.

When I arrived home, I excitedly showed them to my wife, she frowned and said”they’re OK.” How dare she rain on my parade, I turned to my kids to save this monumental event. However, I was stunned to find out they’d never tried them. So I offered both of them a cookie,and waited for their response. Both said it was OK. What in the world is going on here? I thought. How can anyone think Vienna fingers are just “OK”? These cookies are one of my all time favorites!There has to be some kind of conspiracy and I planned to get to the bottom of it.

I started by re-examining my kid’s actions during their response, surely if they had been brain washed, I could recognize it. I offered them one more and I snuck another for myself. After enjoying my cookie, I looked carefully to see if I could tell if they were suppressing their enjoyment. To my surprise the kids were nowhere to be found, they were definitely trying to hide something.

My next plan was to investigate my wife. I decided it might end badly, and I didn’t want to sleep on the couch so, I left it alone, never to bring it up again. However, I still needed to get to the bottom of this. I would need another plan. I decided I would investigate a friend outside of my own internal dwellings. After all I had to see how far down the rabbit hole this went. I messaged my friend and asked “hey friend, do you like Vienna Fingers?” he responded the same way my wife responded “they’re OK.” At this point,I knew there was a conspiracy, a cover up, a sham. Naturally, I ate a cookie, then asked if his wife likes Vienna Fingers. He did not know…,he did not know!!! This was peculiar! How could he not know? After all, I love Vienna Fingers and I knew there was more to his story. Were they being coerced? Or even worse, have they been brain washed? I decided, I may need to investigate their response a little deeper but at a later date.

The next day I received a call. The person calling asked me to take a survey. I quickly hung up. That was when I knew they were on to me, those sneaky, conniving “They’s”. Why else would someone call asking me to take a survey? It was a weekday and survey requests aren’t made on weekdays. Things were getting too dangerous for me, so I decided to eat the rest of my Vienna Fingers in the closet.

The above is a record of my Vienna Finger investigation. My findings show that there is a conspiracy affecting the American population. I know this because the sample size of my investigation did not represent much of anything. The most obvious conclusion is a conspiracy involving the American population and my favorite cookies. I think more answers can be found at my friends house.He gave some very peculiar answers, so he may not know what he knows. Maybe a box of Vienna Fingers would entice him.

To not arouse anymore suspicion, I ate the rest of the cookies in private and have not bought another package. If you find evidence of this conspiracy please comment below.


*I turned off comments to protect my fragile ego*

*I forgot to take a picture for this post however, I think “THEY” may have erased any evidence of the picture and my memory of taking said picture*

A Little History to Get Started

A couple of weeks ago I came across my stats for my blog. Although, I was initially disappointed. I realized a lot has happened over the years since starting this webpage. Not only domain changes but growth in writing , topic and even regression. Exploring and reflecting on this stuff can be beneficial and used for self improvement.

I didn’t think about it, but this was the third time my website has undergone a domain change. It was first, was next and now changed the domain so many times because I was never quite happy with the name of the webpage. However, I do think each change has brought me closer to what I want in a title. As of right now I am completely happy with

It has now been a couple of months since I changed the domain and I have yet to publish anything. I have rewritten this post several times. Each time adding and then taking away various points. Today I made a decision to just hit publish. So here it is my first post under domain.

I Admit it, I Use Pencils

Rewind about two years ago, my fountain pen friends were celebrating taking notes using their TWSBIs, Pilots and Viscontis. Meanwhile, I was quietly using pencil’s to take all my notes. This is the way, I always wrote from grade to school to adulthood. I love the way pencils feel while writing. I love it when the point of a pencil hits that sweet spot where it isn’t too sharp or too dull , its just perfect and the line quality is beautiful. I would never talk about this, but it is my weapon of choice. From time to time I would use a mechanical pencil like the Kurtoga. I don’t discriminate. I love all pencils and believe each has its place.

These days thanks to the guys from the erasable podcast and other friends. I am not quiet about my writing tools. I love my Ticonderoga Blacks, Palomino Black Wing Pearls ,and other wood cased pencils. I am even rethinking my journal and writing processes, going back to the original way I wrote everything, pencil in hand and notebook open to receive.

Today, I admit it. I love using pencils.

It’s A New Year!

It’s a new year, and I have a few things on my mind. One is the direction I am heading with this site. There is also a few other tidbits I want to get off my chest.

As I do every year, I am in the middle of switching themes and redesigning ForgetSanity. This project may take a little longer than usual due to new work obligations. However I plan to slowly work on this and hope to have it done before the end of March.

The other is the rumor of my demise in writing. This has been greatly exaggerated. I’ve always wanted to say something along those lines, and I finally did. Yay me! I’ve had a lot of trouble coming to terms with the quality of the writing on this website. I’ve written essays, stories and poems that I’ve always thought to be pretty decent. My posts have never quite lived up to that standard which has caused me to admit, I suck at it. Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter.I enjoy writing and I write for that enjoyment. With that said I need to keep going , to keep working at it and try to get better.

Red from the movie Shawshank Redemption said ” Its time to get busy living or get busy dying.” Although, I don’t think Red was really thinking in the same terms that I am, this quote has been on my mind. Lets face it, a lot of us subconsciously make the decision everyday to get busy dying. We let stress, bad eating, or not doing the things we love to do effect us in a negative way. Its a new year, the holidays and the holiday hangover is well past. It is time to figure out what drives us , what we consider important and live intentionally for that. Everyday when we get up we should make the decision to get busy living but it needs to be done in an intentional way, and not let fear, depression or any other irrelevant things get in our way.

The Last Post of the Challenge

I made it, this is the last post of the challenge. Also,the last post of the year. I had a lot of fun doing this challenge. I recommend it to anyone who is wanting to write more often. Writing in this fashion taught me a lot about myself and the writing process.

I averaged around 3 posts a day.I was always thinking about the next post, and keeping track of any ideas. Essentially I was always writing, this was a very different experience than working on post at a time. I also learned that not all writings are post material and probably just need to be stored in a journal. This concept is the reason I ended up with more posts than I needed. On the other hand writing some of the these journal entries can taught me something, for instance a couple of the pieces that didn’t make the cut centered around hobbies, those post forced me to look at the way I think of certain things. This was a learning experience as well.

In the end I was glad I did this writing challenge, I would do it again

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year

Guitar and Me

If I had a time machine I would take a trip back in time and have a conversation with myself. I would say self don’t take playing for granted, have fun. But I’m getting ahead myself here lets go back to the beginning.

I started playing the guitar when I was 15. I loved music and playing the guitar. For a long time it was everything to me, it was all I cared about, all I thought about. But soon my attitude towards the instrument would change and not for the better.

The longer I played the more snobby I became about music. I would only listen to music that was “guitar oriented”, on top of that I had the opinion that I am writing music and put aside really learning. I had missed the boat and I had missed it big time. I would try to learn scales and theory because that is what “musicians” do, but I quickly found those things to be very dry and I wouldn’t spend enough time on them. Instead my attitude was slowly murdering my passion for music.

Fast forward to today, I find myself not excited about music and feeling like I let myself down. I don’t play much anymore, and I feel if I was to play I would have to stop doing other things. Its an all or nothing mentality. What I have recently realized (when I say recent. I mean the last few weeks) is I killed music for myself by making it a job.

Sometimes changing a way of thinking can take time, my goal is to get my passion back by making music fun again. It will take time but I intend on having fun doing it.

Merry Christmas!!

Operation Notebook

I just can’t do it, I’ve tried, but just can’t. OK that may have been a little dramatic. What am I talking about? I love the idea of carrying a notebook and pen, to take down ideas,notes, and anything else. The problem is, its uncomfortable to carry a pen and notebook in my pockets. Since I don’t carry a bag, the problem is comfort. I tried to put a field notes in my back pocket, I ended up fiddling with it all day because I was uncomfortable. With the back pocket out, and pen being as much of a hassle, I am at a loss.

The Elephant in the Room

The other problem is digital vs analog. Instead of carrying a notebook,I could use my phone to take notes. There are a ton of great apps, and I always have my phone with me. This idea isn’t anything revolutionary and definitely not exciting for a pen and paper lover.

The Truth of the Matter

I have never been a person that settles on one thing. Regardless if it is uncomfortable, I’ll eventually write notes in a notebook. On the other side of the equation, I’ll take notes on a phone too. I believe the bridge between these two mediums can be found in one app, one that has been around for a while. Evernote offers the functionality of scanning my notes into a note card and treating it just like any other note I put in that digital notebook.

It is important to be able to record your thoughts, take down ideas and anything else that crosses your mind, whether you choose analog or digital really shouldn’t matter. Especially when you can bridge them together with Evernote.

Workstation for this Challenge

Well if you visit this website regularly. You will notice that I am never settled in on one particular writing environment. I jump around a lot in search of that perfect environment. Ive used Scrivener, Writemonkey, Blogsy to name a few. True to form I decided to try a different flow and environment for this project.

The hardware

Since I recently purchased an IPad Air I decided that would be the main hardware I use on this adventure that along with my Logitech keyboard.
2014-11-09 22.41.00


I tweaked my work flow a little bit for this experiment. For notes I decided to go with Evernote. I’ve always loved Evernote but have only used it for recipes. For this project I would use it for notes and keeping track of Ideas.

To handle the writing I started out using Editorial, although I liked it, I wasn’t entirely sold. However, I did use it for the first two posts. After that I switched to 1Writer, a much more comfortable environment for writing. It supports markdown, a preview mode , a distraction free environment and has word counter. All of these features I consider to be essential.

Editing is a little more complicated, since I have not quite decided on what I am going to use for this project. As of this writing I think I am going to give Editorial a whirl. I know I said I wasn’t all that comfortable writing in it. Reading is an entirely different story. It also has a workflow that allows you to auto upload to WordPress, which will come in handy.

The final bits of tweaking, last minute edits or adding pics will be handle at the web interface.

Well there you have it my workflow for this project. If your like me and change environments a lot, some of the apps I’ve mentioned are great places to start


If you are reading this, then congratulate me. I completed the challenge , that I set for myself, to write enough to posts to finish the year. I bet you thought it was odd I had three new posts in the last three weeks.


I really wanted to do Nanowrimo this month but my school obligations made that very difficult. So in the wake of my disappointment, I decided to do something else. That something else was to write enough posts, to post once a week, until the end of the year. The time limit I gave myself was one week, then I would schedule them out. Of course this would have draw backs. I would have to write posts that weren’t time sensitive. The other down side is, I would have to write a lot of posts in one week. Editing presented its own challenges. I decided I would give myself a little leeway on editing but the writing had to be done in a week. Since you are reading this it means I have completed the challenge, however at the time of this writing I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

Lastly, I want to give you fair warning there may be some fluff pieces. I’ll do my best to limit the fluff but writing that much is bound to turn out some.

Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy the rest of the posts