We do not teach, we inspire!

"We need to teach children how to think rather than what to think"


L.A.B. Academy is a platform that will provide the students opportunity to meet with outstanding people who broke the stereotypes to reach their goals, here they will understand the concept of multiple-choice, will get other resources that teach creative and critical thinking skills to anyone and everyone,


It is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation, and will be developed in collaboration with academic and creative leaders and outstanding, out-of-box thinking people from Armenia.


By using the power of creativity to entertain, it aims to make learning how to think a fun and engaging experience, and instill a life-long thirst for understanding and self-awareness


We are entering one of the most pivotal times in human history, and our ability to adapt and think rationally is becoming increasingly important to our economy, society, and survival


Having an open mind and being anxious about learning new things is all about listening. Gaining as much information as you are offered and afterwards keeping what is most valuable for you and appealing to your heart.


Here you are with all that information and everyone seems to have his own truth. Now it`s time to put some efforts and analyze to bring out the most essential out of that flow.


Now you are there! You have made your choice, you have made your research, you have listened to different opinions, you have gained the most vital information. You know where you are. It`s time to become the one you feel most comfortable with.